CHILDREN from the Hilperton and Wingfield sites of The Mead Community Primary School wowed audiences with two shows of their school performance this week.

Yesterday (Thursday, April 6), nearly 100 pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 performed a musical rendition of Narnia on a set designed and created by members of the school’s art club.

The shows took place at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon and nearly 350 people were there to witness them.

Rob Cunningham, deputy headteacher of The Mead, said: “Each and every one of our children gave both performances their all.

“Their passion and creativity shone through, and we are proud of all of them for their dedication.

“They have been rehearsing weekly since January, and their time and effort were rewarded with two spectacular shows on Thursday.

“Thank you to our parents, staff, and children for ending our spring term on such a high.”

Year 6 pupil Joe, who played the professor, said: “I was really surprised and excited when I got a main part. It has been really fun learning all of my lines and doing the acting.”

Narnia tells the tale of a young girl named Lucy who hides in a wardrobe during a game of hide and seek before travelling back into it to discover a place called Narnia.

The four children then go in together and battle wolves, meet talking animals, encounter an evil white witch and meet a lion called Aslan.