CONCERNS have been raised after bulldozers were spotted on Hilperton Gap.

On Tuesday last week, two bulldozers were seen on the site, on land to the south of Middle Lane, on the Wyke Road side of Elizabeth Way, where a controversial planning application has been submitted to build 180 houses, by people as they drove past.

Wiltshire Council has not yet made a decision on the planning application, submitted by HGT Developments LLP and Framptons Planning, despite the fact the target date for a decision was March 8.

Mrs Gwinnell, of Horse Road, Hilperton, said: “Everything has gone a bit quiet lately but it’s important that this is kept in the public knowledge.

“I saw two bulldozers on the site and some estate cars parked at the side which looked a little bit ominous.

“Maybe it was just innocent but the last thing we want is for them to do something sneaky in the hope nobody will notice.

“The planning application hasn’t been approved yet so we need to keep campaigning to make sure it is refused.

“It’s a beautiful area and would be such a shame if it becomes a housing development. In 20 years I dread to think how little green space there will be in Wiltshire.”

A total of 373 letters of objection have been written to Wiltshire Council after the application was submitted in February last year, many of which raise concerns over the fact it is a natural floodplain and has been a popular area that families have enjoyed using for decades.

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “The outline planning application for up to 180 houses is still pending a decision as there are several significant issues with this application that needs to be addressed before a recommendation is made.

“As the land is in agricultural use, operations connected with that use may not require planning permission, but the applicant is aware that any building operations will require planning permission.”

Framptons did not respond before deadline.