THE political make up of Bradford on Avon's Town Council was shaken up at the local election count after an independent party had all of their candidates voted in.

Ideal Bradford celebrated at Trowbridge Civic Centre on Friday when it was announced that their new party, designed to remove Westminster party politics from the town council, had performed a clean sweep and secured 10 out of the 12 seats available.

The party's astonishing success at the polls means that for the first time in four years, the Liberal Democrats have lost their overwhelming majority in the town.

"We expected to ring the changes but we did not expect to get all of our candidates elected," Ideal Bradford's leader Coun Dom Newton said. "We would very much like to thank all of our volunteers and supporters and the electors in Bradford on Avon for providing us with a decisive mandate for change in this election.

"I think it speaks to the town's will to get things delivered, to get changes to things that have been standing for a long time and to heal. We have always said we will take a collegiate approach with the town, its people and Wiltshire Council and we are looking forward to working with the successful candidates from the Liberal Democrats and our colleagues from Wiltshire Council."

Liberal Democrats Jennie Parker and Jim Lynch won the remaining seats on the town council and Coun Parker said she is looking forward to working as a team to tackle challenges in the town.

The retired social worker said: " I knew Ideal Bradford had a very strong following because they were new and different and people wanted those qualities so when it came to the last minute I thought I wouldn't get in. So when my name was read out I was absolutely delighted. I worked very, very hard from the moment I put my name forward so I think I have earned my space.

"I think we can have a great working relationship and from what I understand Ideal Bradford want to work as a team and that is exactly what I want to do. I also want to work with the elderly, the lonely, the disadvantaged and those that have slipped through the net and I hope that in four year's time more people will vote because they feel that they have had a good service."

A total of 2,141 people voted in the North Ward, equating to 56.34 per cent, while 2,128 voted in the South Ward, equating to 52.05 per cent.