THE library spokesperson made a statement saying the problems in Westbury Library, mainly the computers, are now fixed.
I strongly dispute this. The 
internet has become slower and slower, and some sites (Amazon, eBay etc) have become a nightmare to use.
It is blatantly obvious that the problems are still there and nothing has been done.
I mentioned that the internet was still causing problems to a librarian – she said she would report it yet again, and still nothing has been done.
The photocopier in Westbury Library won’t accept the newer 10p and 20p – or the new £1 coin – this also causes problems for both the public and the librarians – what will happen when the older coins aren’t available anymore?
The ‘new computer’ that Wiltshire Council stuck in Westbury Library still doesn’t print, so is inconvenient to use and often has connection problems (despite the librarians reporting it numerous times).
So library spokesperson – please tell us what exactly has been done!
I have continually stuck up for the librarians, and will continue to do so.
It’s a shame that the technical team don’t treat the public with respect.
Ms Stroud
The Mews