VOTING for the General Election began this week as a group of guinea pigs headed to the polls to cast their votes at Longleat’s Animal Adventure.

The quartet of straw pollsters were among the first to leave their marks on the ballot paper, ahead of voting day for the general public on Thursday.

The guinea pigs were offered a list of candidates which included Ms G Raff, Mrs C Lyon and Mr R Madillo representing a range of parties including the Liberal Meerkats, the Green Tree Frog party and the Boa Constrictor party.

Longleat keeper Rebecca Earner said: “They were all extremely keen to get inside the polling station; although this may have had something to do with the chopped beans and carrots we had placed inside.

“However the entire process went extremely smoothly despite the fact there were a large number of spoiled ballots.

“We’re hoping our visitors enjoyed the early election and that it might just persuade a few more of them to turn up on Thursday to exercise their right to vote.”