OVER 50 pupils from schools across Trowbridge became detectives for a day over half term at a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) event.

Pupils had to solve the crime of working out which teacher stole biscuits from the biscuit jar at Paxcroft Primary School on Friday using evidence they acquired using various investigation methods.

The science day was delivered by Active Trowbridge, with the help of former John of Gaunt science teacher Hannah Eaton, as part of their week of themed half term fun days.

Adam Casserly, leisure activities supervisor for Active Trowbridge, said: “It was brilliant fun and great to see so many children by learning about science.

“They got involved with lots of fun things including making balloon rockets and lava lamps.

“They then learned how to take finger prints and the science behind it before getting to work on cracking the crime.

“The school’s sports coaches had stolen biscuits and they had to track him down. The teams that managed to work it out were crowned the winners.

“At Active Trowbridge we’re all about inclusion which is why we don’t just do sports events – we organise activities that all children can enjoy.

“But there was a sport element as children had to complete sporting challenges to get a clue, such as doing 10 kick-ups with a football or completing an obstacle course.”

Active Trowbridge has a full range of events of the summer, details of which can be found by calling the town council on 01225 765072