PUPILS from a Warminster primary school paid a visit to care home this morning to interact with residents and brighten their day.

Reception pupils at St George’s Primary School were giddy with excitement as they boarded the minibus to Wren House in Vicarage Street.

The visit was part of an ongoing enrichment programme at the school, which has also seen pupils visit Abbeyfield care home.

Reception teacher Vicky Davies said: “Each of the classes at the school have adopted a charity and in reception pupils are learning about Friends of the Elderly.

“During a lesson on the charity we talked about how we don’t have lots of money, but we can instead give them our time to help.

“On their first visit to Wren House, pupils did some drawings with the residents and this time they made cress heads together.”

The teacher said the visit benefitted both pupils and residents.

“Children have to be responsible at the care home and the visits encourage them to adapt to different people, and essentially to be good citizens,” she added.

“When I told them we were going back to the care home I couldn’t calm them down, they were so excited.

“It clearly has a very positive impact on the residents too which is lovely to see.”

Care home manager Ellie Simmonds said: “It was absolutely delightful, the children were so beautifully behaved.

“As soon as the residents woke up they were looking forward to their visit and it was really heart-warming to see them interact with each other.

“The generation gap completely disappears when they talk – it’s as if they’re just good friends have a chat.”