IT is only a matter of time before there is an accident outside their homes, say Trowbridge residents fighting to make their road safer.

A petition for temporary traffic calming measures to be introduced in Sparrow Street has been signed by 70 people and presented to Trowbridge Area Board.

Residents say speeding is a constant problem and parked vwhicles are hit by passing cars as the street is too narrow.

Dad-of-two Andrew Perkins, 30, started the petition when his family’s beloved cat, Church, was hit by a car three weeks ago, leaving it needing £3,000-worth of treatment.

“Church getting hit was the final straw. She’s a big part of the family. We were all devastated,” said the chef.

“Just after we moved here in October my wife’s car got hit which knocked the wing mirror off.

“The speeding is horrendous and the road surface is very poor. When people come home after work and park along the road it becomes like a slalom and there are lots of narrow misses.

“A lot of children live around here and sadly I think it’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious accident. Something needs to be done now.”

The road is on the Southview Park estate being built by Wainhomes, who are still responsible for the street.

There are currently no road markings, signposts or traffic calming measures.

The danger also worries Cllr Peter Fuller, who was contacted by Mr Perkins.

“It’s quite a difficult problem down there,” He said: “It is in between Broadcloth Lane and Broadcloth Lane East which are both very wide, which means people tend to speed down them and don’t slow down when they get to the narrower Sparrow Street.

“The road is not yet completed and residents are most unhappy. They are worried that there could be a serious accident.”

“Wainhomes and Wiltshire Council’s highways team need to have a discussion and sort it out as it is the safety of the families at stake. I hope this petition acts as a wake-up call.”

A Wainhomes spokesman said: “Wainhomes is aware of and regrets the delay in completion of the roads and paths on our development at Southview Park, Trowbridge.

“A meeting was in fact held on site on Wednesday with our groundsworks contractor to identify and agree all remaining works required.

“We expect these works to commence in the next two weeks and to be completed in eight to 10 weeks. The roads will then be adopted by Wiltshire Council.”

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