VERGES outside Keevil School and a Grade 1 Listed building have been badly damaged by parents dropping off and collecting children from the school.

A grant of £1,083 has been made by Melksham Area Board to repair the damage, as the parish council fears it is causing road safety problems and ruining the appearance of buildings in the area.

A Keevil Parish Council spokesman said: “Parking outside Keevil School has caused this problem.

“In some places it is no longer possible to open car doors on the kerb side because of the road dropping away from the edge of grass strip.

“Children therefore have to exit cars from the road side which is a serious risk to them. In addition, Tallboys House, adjacent to the school, is a Grade 1 listed building in the Area of Minimum Change and it destroys the appearance of the neighbourhood.

“Therefore the beneficiaries are parents and school children as the stabilisation of the verges will improve road safety.

“Also visitors and residents will also be able to enter and exit vehicles safely as well as works will improve the looks of the buildings in the centre of the Area of Minimum Change.”

The overall project cost is estimated at £4,330, with The Acorn Academy Trust paying half and the project and the parish council chipping in £1,082.