A SHOP which also offers healing methods in Westbury is taking its services on the road in a bid to combat stress in the workplace.

Dawn Kalsi, 44, and Natalie Green, 31, who work at Free Spirit, have both obtained masters in Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing, and want to perform it at local businesses.

They visited GripIt Fixings in Melksham at the end of May to test out the method on employees and said it went down very well.

Mrs Kalsi said: “Our GripIt visit was a trial run and it was really well received, with employees saying they felt far more relaxed after our visit.

“We could see they were a little bit unsure at first but as soon as we did it on them they were converted and said it was fantastic.

“One lady said her headache was cured after her session which was amazing, and proof that it really does work.

“We plan to take Reiki to plenty more offices across Wiltshire, as well as fairs, festivals and other events.

“Reiki is a hands-on healing energy life-force which is all about relaxing the body through gently touching certain points, including the head and throat.

“We live our lives at such a fast pace these days we sometimes forget to take a moment out and relax, which is very important.”

The pair are currently putting a package together which they will offer to local businesses.

For more information, contact Mrs Kalsi on 07807 350592