A WOMAN whose pet Staffie was injured by another dog as she walked him in Southwick Country Park wants people to take more responsibility for their animals in public places.

Reann Bristow, 23, was walking in the park with her stepmother, Cherol North, children Jesse-John and Logan, aged three and one, and dog Rocco when the Bullmastiff charged at them.

The dog, which had been let off its leash by its owner, attacked Rocco and pinned him to the ground, leaving the Staffie with a cut to his eye. Miss Bristow’s leg was scratched as she tried to protect her pet.

Miss Bristow, of Griffin Close, Westbury, said: “We were enjoying walking through the field when this dog came out of nowhere and charged at Rocco. There was nothing he could do to protect himself.

“He just kept on attacking Rocco and the owner did nothing; she seemed completely oblivious as to what was happening.

“Jesse-John was petrified and kept on screaming. I got in the way to try and stop the dog from attacking Rocco and got scratches all up my leg.

“They’re quite painful and I think they will leave scars but my main priority was making sure Rocco and the kids were safe.

“The owner eventually managed to get her dog under control but it could have been a lot worse. She didn’t seem that apologetic.”

The full-time mum said she called the police but was told they would not attend as it was not a serious incident. She wants to raise awareness of dog attacks and said dog owners need to take more responsibility when in public.

“It’s just arrogant and dangerous behaviour,” she added.

“Logan didn’t really know what was going on but Jesse-John was really traumatised and said he doesn’t want to go back to the country park, which is a real shame as we love going there.

“Rocco is not an overly-friendly dog so me and my partner have been training him to interact with other dogs.

“He was starting to do really well but after this we’re back to square one. He’s been growling at other dogs again, which is so frustrating.”