THE fight is on to save the cherished fields between Southwick and Trowbridge after Wiltshire Council gave the green light for developers to build on them.

Wiltshire Council shocked the town on Thursday when its spatial planners revealed that 700 of the 900 houses planned in north and west Wiltshire will be built in Trowbridge, at sites including Hilperton Gap, land between North Bradley and the White Horse Business Park and Southwick Court.

Southwick Court, which includes land behind Boundary Walk heading to Southwick, was only recently earmarked by Wiltshire Council as land on which to build up to 300 houses, said Trowbridge Town Council clerk Lance Allan, so the announcement took councillors and residents by surprise.

Catherine Jones, 33, who has started up a petition, said: “We appreciate that more houses need to be built but there are plenty of brownfield sites in Trowbridge they could build on instead.

“It seems like they’ve just identified every single green space in and around the town to build on, not thinking about how much they’re used and loved.

“We need our community space and that’s highlighted by the fact we’ve nearly got 300 signatures on the petition already.

“There’s a really strong dog walking community around here and I’ve met so many people on the estate by walking my two dogs in the fields; it's a huge part of the community.

“For decades children have enjoyed exploring the fields looking for rabbit holes and badger setts and of course playing various games on them.

“Not only that, but the roads are already congested around here and we have no idea where the access road will be, not to mention the chronic parking issues.

“We feel very strongly about this and we don’t think it’s been thought through properly."

A planning application has not yet been submitted, but Savills, acting on behalf of Exeter-based developers Waddeton Park Ltd, enquired about the land to Trowbridge Town Council in January this year.

Residents in Southwick and campaign group Save Our Southwick have said the village is "under siege", after Gladman submitted a planning application for 140 houses on land off Wynsome Street and Redrow submitted plans for 100 houses.

Chairman of Trowbridge Town Council’s town development committee, Geoff Whiffen, said: “It’s getting ridiculous now, they are looking to build on every spare piece of land in the town.

“I was devastated when I heard their plans and I’m sure lots of other people will be too."

The proposal is being discussed at a public Wiltshire Council cabinet meeting at 9.30am on Tuesday morning (June 20).

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