A TEENAGE girl who robbed a woman of her mobile phone in a violent drink and drug fuelled mugging in Chippenham has been spared jail - but her boyfriend, who attacked someone else later the same evening, has been jailed for two years.

Jasmine Shore set about the pub worker as she was heading to the bus stop after a shift on the night of April 17.

She laughed as her boyfriend Amos Eaglestone joined the attack, slapping the victim and snapping her glasses.

Shore, who is now 20, also looked on a few hours later as her Eaglestone, 21, launched another brutal attempt to rob a man further along the A4 in Chippenham.

Hannah Squire, prosecuting, told how the first attack took place at about 9.30pm near the bottom of Rowden Hill in Chippenham.

The victim, who had just finished a shift at the Rowden Arms, was walking with her headphones on when Shore approached her.

She approached the woman, telling her she was thinking of getting a new phone and asked to look at hers before snatching it, grabbing her headphones and slapping her.

Eaglestone then moved in as his girlfriend backed off and pulled the woman's glasses off, slapping her as she tried to get them back.

He then demanded she give him the code for her phone, threatening to hit her again, before snapping her glasses and throwing them away.

As she asked 'Why are you doing this?' he replied 'We are obviously robbing you, stupid', as Shore stood by laughing.

Fearing she would be hit again she told them the code and they left, allowing her to flee back to the pub where the police were called.

A couple of hours later, around 2am the next morning, a man went to the Esso garage to get some food. As he was walking along the A4 he saw the couple and Eaglestone approached him and asked if he had any weed.

When he told him he didn't smoke it, Eaglestone started to punch him to the face and then rained kicks on him when he was on the ground.

The attacker said 'Give me your money or you will die,' as he wielded a piece of broken fence post as the victim managed to run away.

Miss Squire said he first went to the garage, but rather than help they told him not to get blood on the forecourt, so he walked to the police station in Chippenham town centre.

When officers went to Shore's home at Bleys House, Rowden Hill, she said she was alone but Eaglestone was hiding under the table with the stolen phone in his pocket.

Shore, now of Manor Court, Trowbridge, admitted robbery and Eaglestone, of Gryphon Close, Westbury, robbery, assault with intent to rob and having an offensive weapon,

Cathy Thornton, for Shore, said that the couple had been smoking cannabis and drinking too much when they went out for a walk and decided to commit a robbery.

She said her client, who is moving from Employment and Support Allowance to Universal Credit, hoped to return to a hospitality course at college and then work.

David Maunder, for Eaglestone, said his client had experienced a 'disastrous' childhood growing up in a dysfunctional family, but that he had expressed remorse for what he did, adding that Eaglestone suffered ADHD and auditory hallucinations.

Recorder Nicholas Atkinson QC told Shore "There could be no complaint made if you were given an immediate custodial sentence, however take the view that a sentence of two years suspended for two years should hang over you.

"You may not think you have come close to going to prison today but let me assure you, you have and you will go to prison if you come back to court in the next two years."

He told her she must complete 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirement. Eaglestone was jailed for two years and ten months.