AS the hot weather continues Wessex Water has launched its Make Every Drop Matter campaign, to highlight the importance of looking after what flows from the tap.

This year it is going on the road, and will visit Chippenham later this month. The mobile vehicle and stand will showcase some of the UK’s favourite water efficient plants, while quizzes and activities will keep younger visitors entertained.

Aimee Shaw, Wessex Water’s head of water resources and behaviour engagement, said: “Despite below-average rainfall last winter and in the first half of 2017, there is thankfully no prospect of a hosepipe ban or similar restrictions in our region this summer.

“Nonetheless, nobody likes to think they are using water excessively and we all have a responsibility to look after an essential global resource.

“Our Make Every Drop Matter campaign coincides with the time of year when demand for water tends to be at its highest, and we’re committed to helping customers make their homes and gardens more water efficient.”

When the company visits Chippenham on July 28, the stand will be parked near the Butter Cross in the Market Place. Staff will be handing out free water-saving devices for the garden, including a noodle sponge wash mitt for washing the car and drip feeders for keeping plants hydrated during the holiday season.

A video produced by Wessex Water to coincide with the campaign is being shared with customers via Facebook. It includes the incredible fact that just one per cent of the earth’s water is available for human consumption. Around two per cent is locked up in ice, with the remaining 97 per cent salty.

Wessex Water's top five tips for saving water in the garden are:

Water your plants in the mornings and evenings when it is cool – less will be lost through evaporation.

Use a watering can – sprinklers are wasteful.

Recycle your water – use cooled bath water on your plants or buy a water butt to capture rain.

Try planting trees or shrubs to provide extra shade, or use hedges and climber-covered trellises to form cool green walls.

Check the weather forecast before watering – it might rain tomorrow!

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