COLLEAGUES old and new staged a surprise party for the longest-serving member of staff at Forest & Sandridge Primary School.

They caught Physical Education Co-ordinator Liz Bell by surprise with a 25th anniversary celebration on Monday 17 July. She started teaching at the school in September 1992.

Staff past and present gathered at the school to pay tribute to Mrs Bell during the afternoon tea party at the school in Cranesbill Road, Melksham.

Mrs Bell teaches Years 1 and 2 at the school and was joined by her husband, Richard Bell, and colleagues with whom she has worked over the years.

Head teacher Mrs Anna Willcox said: “Mrs Bell is a fantastic, dedicated and extremely hard-working teacher and she has remained consistent in this over the last 25 years.

“She has experienced many challenging changes in the education system over this time and she rises to each one of these, keeping her love of children and desire to achieve the best for each and every one of them at the heart of all she does. I feel very lucky to have her as part of my teaching team at Forest & Sandridge.”