PUPILS from the Grove Primary have gone clucking mad over four new rescue hens that are now living at the Trowbridge school.

Year 5 teacher Helen McPherson collected the feathery friends, all of which can no longer produce eggs at such a high rate and are therefore no longer required by farms, from Farrington Gurney in Somerset.

Since the arrival of the hens, known as Sparkles, Lucky, McFlurry and Chickaletta, pupils have rushed into the playground every morning, waiting in anticipation, to see if they will be rewarded with fresh eggs.

Mrs McPherson said: "So far, the hens have each laid almost one egg per day; testament to their happiness about their new-found freedom.

"We are thoroughly delighted with their new arrivals and are eager to add their names to the hen helpers list. They are also really excited about the prospect of watching the hens thrive and flourish over the coming weeks and are thrilled to think that they have made a very important contribution towards the birds’ welfare.

"I want to say a huge thanks to the parents who have kindly offered to take care of the hens during the weekends and school holidays and also to the Llewellyn family for their generous contributions towards the cost of the housing and equipment, without which, this project would not have been possible."