A HORSE was freed after it became tangled in barbed in Westbury over the weekend.

A fire crew from Trowbridge were called to Black Horse Lane at 10.35am on Saturday (November 4) after a passer by noticed the horse, which was grazing in a field had run into the wire and become stuck.

A vet and animal rescue specialists also attended the scene and had sedated and calmed the horse when the fire crew arrived.

The barbed wire was then cut and the horse was freed.

Animal Rescue Specialist Colin Owens said: "The barbed wire in which the female horse had become stuck was in a poor state of repair and was very jagged.

"When we cut the wire to free the horse she walked away at her own will completely unharmed.

"If you see a distressed animal who has become stuck, you should call 999 and keep members of the public away from the animal."