A MOTHER from Westbury has completed the Ironman world championships with a personal best.

Diane Hier, 55, from Upton Scudamore took part in the gruelling 2.4 mile Swim, 112 mile bike race and 26.2 mile marathon in Hawaii last October.

After months of disciplined training sessions, she beat her personal best and finished in 12 hours, 5 minutes and 11 seconds.

Mrs Hier said: "I was so pleased to get a personal best, it was certainly a tough event.

"Although it was what I was expecting, and through my training and research into the event I felt very prepared.

"As well as physically demanding, the event is also mentally challenging, but I never felt like giving up."

Mrs Hier has taken part in previous Ironman events, but qualifying for the world championships had always been her ultimate goal, and since completing it has taken a while to sink in.

She will soon be training for the London Marathon, which is her next personal goal.

Mrs Hier said: "I cant wait to get back into training with the local clubs that I'm part of, and I would like to thank them and everyone one else for their support."