A HARD-fought effort to save the Trowbridge and District Floral Art Club has proved in vain as members decided the society would have to fold after 60 years.

Funding issues and a member shortage were the undoing of the club, which met every third Monday of the month at the Peace Memorial Hall, Southwick Road, North Bradley.

Although this was on the cards for well over a year, the club’s chairman Marilyn Wise has led the charge to try to spread the word about the club through word of mouth, putting posters up and using social media, but it has proved unsuccessful.

To give the club a good send-off, the remaining 24 members will enjoy its last flower demonstration on November 20, in aid of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Airbase Appeal, and on December 4 there will be the Christmas party as well.

“We are very upset as this has meant so much to so many people over the years but unfortunately we cannot go on any longer,” said Mrs Wise.

“We tried our best but it wasn’t to be. But we will definitely go out on a high.”

“Our numbers have been falling for quite some time now despite our best efforts of trying to pass it on to member’s friends but it has not worked out.

“When I was first chairman around 20 years ago we had more than double the amount of members, which is a real shame. We have people in their 30s, right up to their 80s, but we just could not get more people coming in, try as we might.

“We have had some wonderful times over the years, with some great floral demonstrations from top class speakers and do it yourself sessions at the memorial hall and other venues.

“I have met a lot of lovely people over the years and all of us have learned about this wonderful hobby of ours.

“Even though we do not have long left being a club, I am sure we will go out on a high with our last demonstration later this month and there is the Christmas Party to look forward to as well.”

For more information about the events call 01225 762558.