A WOMAN from Westbury is fundraising for an overseas children's charity ahead of an 11 week volunteering placement in the new year.

Sinead Hill, 20, of Queens Road will be travelling to Sierra Leone in January with Y Care International, an organisation which is part of the YMCA movement which helps children out of poverty by supplying them with education and helping them build a carer for the future.

While completing her placement, Miss Hill will be working as part of a team of volunteers from the UK and Africa to help out with schooling, teaching health awareness and building business opportunities for children in the local community.

Miss Hill said: "I wanted to take part in this volunteering opportunity as I have done nothing like this before, and if I can help people at the same time as doing something new then why wouldn't I do it.

"The thing with Y Care International is they focus on children living in poor countries, and in England people tend to prefer to support UK charities rather than world wide ones, however these children need help too.

"I am really looking forward to going out there and helping to make a difference."

Before she goes, Miss Hill is aiming to raise £800 for the charity by doing all sorts of fundraising activities including street collections, raffles and even letting others chose the colour of her hair.

Miss Hill said: "I am terrified to let everyone choise what colour to dye my hair, the favoruite at the moment is ginger.

"However it is all for a good cause and is raising a lot of money."

To donate towards Miss Hill''s fundraising campaign, please visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sinead-hill.