READERS will no doubt have been concerned that Priti Patel, the International Development Secretary, thought it appropriate recently to have what appear to have been clandestine meetings with prominent Israeli politicians, including Netanyahu, accompanied by Lord Polak, the president of the lobbying organisation, the Conservative Friends Of Israel. In the recent past activists in other local towns, for example Frome, Bradford on Avon and more notably Bath (who had Baroness Varsi, amongst other luminaries, on a recent panel) have marked the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in various ways.
However, people in Chippenham who sympathise with Palestine’s plight and who believe, in common with many others throughout the world, that the second part of the now notorious declaration has yet to be implemented, have not had the opportunity to voice their concerns.
While that was the case, sympathisers now have the opportunity to bring home to our Government that it is unacceptable to deal willingly with other governments that regularly and brazenly defy international law and the Geneva Conventions.
On November 22, Members of Parliament from all over the country are being lobbied by concerned constituents, anxious that the Government should uphold its obligations under both the Balfour Declaration and under international law. 
Michelle Donelan is no exception; although she has yet to confirm that she is prepared to join many, if not most, of her fellow MPs in meeting her constituents. Readers who are prepared to travel to Westminster on November 22 are urged to contact  her or her office to seek such confirmation.
No doubt Ms Donelan will use her access to the local media to confirm that she will be available, as requested, or conversely, to explain why she is unavailable, as indeed has been the case in the past.
Ray Rackham
Bainton Close
Bradford on Avon