ALTHOUGH I appreciate the coverage of the ending of the Pilot Music Nights (Music nights all played out, Friday November 10), I feel the edited version of the original letter has left some false impressions, which I would like correct. 
Firstly, my wife and I are not planning a move to France  – we are simply buying a holiday home there, which may mean that our commitment to fixed dates here might need to be more flexible, if we are away more often. This would be problematic for monthly music events, whose dates need to be agreed in advance.
The first reason given in the article for dropping the gigs is “because young singers and bands are failing to turn up to perform”. The implication of this wording is that youngsters have promised to be there but not turned up. May I totally refute any suggestion that the local youngsters, both former and current, have ever let me down in their commitment to perform at the music nights or any other events I have organised. 
Other than having to call off due to illness, I cannot recall an instance of being let down. On the very last night in October, the headline act, Courtney Buchanan, performed fantastically, even though she had a cold and sore throat. She is typical of the professionalism of the youngsters I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.
The truth is that many of our regulars have moved away, on to work or further education, leaving only 14- year-old Melissa and 16-year-old Izzy, with no new faces coming through. Audience numbers have dropped for all sorts of understandable reasons, and the model is unsustainable.
I will continue to work with local talented youngsters through songwriting support and recording at my studio, and will still be able to help with PA sound at local fetes and charity events, if the dates suit.
Mel Austin
Melodious Music/mobsta promotions