sent to Dr Andrew Murrison:
THIS country is in an absolute mess and turmoil and your Government is doing little to resolve the situation.
We have David Davies and others, so-say negotiating the terms of our departure from Europe and yet it seems to me that the EU is dictating the terms and I find this totally unacceptable.
It is high time that the EU was told in no uncertain terms that we will only leave on a basis that is acceptable to us and not the other way round.
We have, for far too long, contributed more than our fair share into that money pit, seemingly with no say in how or where the money was, and still is, being spent and yet the EU is expecting the UK to pay yet more for the privilege of leaving. What a nerve!
I was and still am a remainer and you may recall that I wrote to you many years ago on the matter of the lack of control that we appeared to have over the EU. 
I stated at that time that we, the United Kingdom, should say that until or unless there was a full audit of where the many, many billions had been spent and were  continuing to be spent, that we would make no further contributions. That would have concentrated the minds of the members of the EU.
But no, here we are again, being led by the nose by the EU because our so called negotiators are not negotiating on our behalf with determination and with our best interests in mind and are being far too timid. Why?
Not only that but we, the UK taxpayers and citizens, are being kept in the dark. Why?
The referendum may have (only just) resulted in a vote to leave the EU, but my word, we were, yet again, totally mis-informed, especially by those promoting departure, messrs Johnson, Gove et al, but it did not and does not give the Government the right to leave on less than satisfactory terms to the UK.
There is every reason to put any terms agreed in principle to the country. This is not a decision that can be safely left in the hands of politicians.
I note that you have still not responded to my last e.mail to you concerning Stonehenge, so I hold out little hope that you will reply to this missive.
Philip Withers
Clarendon Road,Trowbridge