WITH reference to the recent letter from Ms Tapping re the Hilperton Gap and housing, may I endorse her hope that “communities will take control of their own destinies by engaging with rule makers to achieve the best outcomes.”.
I would follow her lead and urge all residents to look at the Wiltshire Local Plan Review Consultation and respond to the questions raised. It is available at County Hall or http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning-policy-local-plan-review The newly published Wiltshire Council SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment) document also makes for some sombre reading.
The writing of the Hilperton Neighbourhood Development Plan has been a lively topic for the past year or two and it might, finally, now be in a form ready for formal submission to Wiltshire Council. I presume that Mary has contributed to this exercise. Also, I am unsure whether she is involved with the Hilperton Gap Action Group?
However, there is something which the community of the Hilperton Marsh part of the village can do; something which I have been urging for over a year in various newsletters etc. Form a small working group and submit a Village Green application to Wiltshire Council. An application has been made for the small field adjacent to the cemetery, so it can be done. It just needs commitment and time. This possible answer to Save the Gap is in the hands of local residents. Government has provided the legislation – please use it. I will be more than happy to steer people towards the officer at Wiltshire Council who can guide them through the process.
Ernie Clark
Wiltshire Councillor for Hilperton Division
Independent Group leader, Wiltshire Council