I HAVE to say that I AM pleased and proud that one of your readers have spoken out against the planned Wiltshire Council pay increase. I have to work two jobs to be able to pay my rent, the usual utility bills and after that, I have very little for anything else. In the meantime, councillors get paid to sit inside a cosy chamber and earn money that I’ve worked really hard for. For absolutely nothing.
It is a real kick in the teeth for those who are struggling to get by. Vital public services that are a real lifeline for some have been ruthlessly cut, the capping public sector pay and the Cruel austerity measures have strangled Britain to the core, leaving us a society of poverty and the burden of deprivation that we see on our streets.
When will Wiltshire county councillors show great leadership and get a grip of the true nature of what is actually happening outside the comfort of council walls rather than rewarding themselves with pay rises? They should reconsider lifting the cap on public sector pay. If they are really committed to serving their communities they will reject the pay increase and invest the money back into public courses where it belongs.
Chloe Kitson
Bradford on Avon