ON Thursday, November 23 my wife and I went to Trowbridge railway station to get the 12.16 train as I had an appointment at Bristol Dental Hospital. 
On arrival there was no parking in either car park so we drove over to the car park outside Asda. I went to get a ticket for six-hour parking, it was £15. I do not carry that amount of change on me, so I went into Asda to get £15 change, but the lady on the cashier desk inside the door said they are unable to give change, so I went over to the customer service and they said the same; they said I would have to buy something to get change. 
So I bought a packet of Quavers to get change of a fiver and then bought another packet of crisps to get change of the tenner. The lady also told me that the machines do not take £1 coins. Who owns the car park at the top? 
If it’s not Asda, then who is it because they need to have machines that take notes or provide machines that give change, but if it costs 40p for one hour, why are they charging £15 for six hours, why not make it £6 for six hours? 
Ian Sampson