SO Dick Tonge thinks James Dyson is some sort of poster boy for Brexit? (Dyson on the EU, November 23).
This, presumably, is the same James Dyson who exported more than 800 production jobs to Malaysia in order to cut his production costs by 30 per cent. Did he not then move his company to Malta for some reason, never fully explained.
I don’t think he is suitably qualified to be advising us on the best way forward for our country.
Dyson’s proposition that the UK should simply walk away is the same ignorant nonsense that the extreme right wing of the Tory party has been slavering for since it panicked Cameron in calling his ill-fated referendum.
Walking away without a deal will force us on to World Trade Organisation rules on tariffs and I am given to understand that there is only one other country on the same trading tariff arrangement – Mauritania – and we all know what a powerhouse in international trading that country represents.
As for creating wealth – it would appear, from the impression given in the Paradise Papers, that the sole purpose in wealth creation is to enable rich people to stash away their ill-gotten gains in remote tax havens and thus force us ‘little people’ to endure austerity and pay more tax to cover for their ‘legal’ tax avoidance.
Perhaps I would have less concern about the UK leaving Europe if the negotiations were in the hands of a competent team.
The current pack of lightweights appear to live in a La La land where enormous trade deals will be made after we leave the EU.
Doubtless China and other major players can’t wait to give us the best deals with no strings attached.
Despite the passing of more than 18 months since the referendum was held, the Brexit team still has no published plan as to what to do about the Irish border or even where the, alleged, £38bn required to settle our legal obligations to the EU will come from.
Perhaps Theresa May will shake her ‘non-existent’ magic money tree again and find the £38bn to pay off the EU next to the branch where she earlier found the £1bn bung she made to the DUP to keep herself in power?
Is it not the case that the majority of Brexiteers, shouting loudly in the media, are extremely wealthy individuals and thus safely cushioned from the financial fallout of Brexit? 
The rest of us ordinary people will just have to put up with the devastation that will, inevitably, ensue.
Chris Phillips