I DON’T know what dismayed me more, the anti-cycling content of Mr Fellender’s recent letter (A splendid effort, December 1), or that the Wiltshire Times’ editorial screening deemed it appropriate to award space to nothing other than a vitriolic, non-constructive, sarcastic rant.
In these days of rising obesity and decreasing exercise levels, it is healthy and active lifestyle messages that should be conveyed, rather than content that slams people making an effort to boost their fitness.
Market Street and Mason’s Lane are hardly shining examples of free-flowing traffic, with regular backlogs of commuter and shopper vehicles crawling up the hill, and pedestrians using the crossing or walking on the pavement-free stretches of road. More often than not, my cycling progress up there is impaired rather than the other way round!  
Indeed congratulations sir, your letter may have inspired me to lubricate my low gear cogs and make that part of my regular training loop – if I can face filling my lungs with exhaust fumes....
Louise Allan
Ashton Street