A robber who took part in a terrifying raid on a Wiltshire post office has had his eight-year jail term cut by top judges.

Raymond George Laurence, 36, of Westleigh, Warminster, was one of two men caged after more than £4,200 was stolen from Headlands Post Office, in Downton, on March 1 2014.

The other raider, Dwayne Gilling, 34, of Trowbridge, got 10 years, Mr Justice Nicol told London's Appeal Court today.

One of them stormed into the post office, which was run by Julie Telfer and her partner Anthony Smith.

Mr Smith was out delivering newspapers when the masked intruder shouted, 'get me the f***ing money'.

He was carrying a plastic bag containing 'something resembling a firearm', the court heard.

Mrs Telfer was grabbed round the neck and wads of notes and some coins were stolen.

Her assailant then ran off and got into a waiting car. She was left 'very badly shaken by her ordeal'.

It is not known whether it was Laurence, or Gilling, who entered the post office and which of them acted as the getaway driver.

Laurence admitted robbery and possession of an imitation firearm and Gilling was convicted of the same crimes.

They were sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on December 5 2014.

Laurence had 22 previous convictions for 54 crimes, including burglary and theft, the court heard.

He had a 'very serious' previous conviction for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The judge who jailed him said that post offices and small shops were the 'lifeblood of the community'.

Judges had to protect people like the post mistress and impose sentences 'which would reflect the gravity of such crimes and act as a deterrent to others'.

Gilling appealed against his 10-year jail term in March 2015 and had the sentence reduced to eight years.

And Oliver Weetch, for Laurence, argued today that his jail term was now far too tough when compared to Gilling's.

"We accept Mr Weetch's argument that, following Gilling's successful appeal, the differential should be restored," said Mr Justice Nicol.

The judge, sitting with Judge Rupert Mayo, reduced Laurence's jail term from eight years to six years and five months.