THE Christie Miller indoor bowls centre is in the process of being closed down in favour of the Campus (now called the Health and Wellbeing Centre).
In 1970s the late Mr Christie Miller opened the centre; he was an enthusiastic and proud supporter of it. 
I think he would be sad to see the poor state of affairs the bowlers, along with others, find themselves in; also the poor state of repair the buildings are now in.
I took time out to visit Christie Miller’s website. As well as being a local councillor and business man, milliner, he was the leader of the Wiltshire County Council in 1970. In Salisbury he had a road named after him. I immediately thought cul-de-sac, but no it wasn’t; however it is a no-through road rather like the road this council has led the Christie Miller bowlers down, along with others.
Christie Miller has now been in existence for 47 years. In that time the indoor bowls facility has been one of the top income providers to the centre. 
When it moves to a new facility and hopefully becomes independent, the county should not have to bear any running costs provided negotiations with the bowlers’ WASP. The county council and of course our local council are all concerned to keep looking forward.
Places for People is the company currently running the centre. Rumours, however, tell us that the contract finishes on March 31, 2018 and that Wiltshire Council will take over. The staff are not aware of their situation.
Places for People has spent considerable money upgrading the centre in the past year and there were talks of a roof canopy and a new false ceiling in the bowls hall. This would give the centre a longer life.
Bowlers come from all over Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and Gloucester playing national competitions. It is imperative that this local facility is maintained. I ask all bowlers to do what they can to support our efforts to replace and improve our present facility.
Roy Hawker
Founder member