MANY thanks to David Leighton (December 8) for putting so clearly the case for a second referendum on leaving the European Union.
The huge losses to this country on leaving the other 27 nations of Europe is becoming clearer every day. Not only damage to our economy as businesses move away and damage to health and education from loss of tax revenue, but all the real advantages of being citizens of the largest peaceful alliance of nations known to history. 
The freedom to study, work and travel in any other member 
country, to co-operate on trade, and to advance our shared belief in human rights and peaceful development.
Of course the EU is far from perfect, the same as all other human institutions, but it has made our continent a better place to live for the past 70 years.
Britain for Europe is fighting for us to remain in the EU and has active campaigns in 48 places including Bath, Bristol and Salisbury. Bradford on Avon is joining in with a stall in St Margaret’s Street on Saturday, from 10am-noon. Please come and support us, buy flags, berets, badges and Christmas cards, and even if you don’t agree with us, come and talk.
Vivienne Kynaston
Elms Cross Drive
Bradford on Avon