THE planners are trying to grab more of Westbury - this time they are trying to get permission to build 200 more houses on land by Storridge Road. Make your views known how ridiculous this is on
Soon Westbury will have no open land left and will be one massive housing estate. - watch out all who have a large garden, the council will allow the planners to build on it! 
We have no cops to speak of, no post office, no hospital, only a health clinic that can`t cope, schools overcrowded with limited expansion space, roads constantly jammed and a town council that is continually ignored by an arrogant bunch in County Hall.
Wake up people of Westbury – we have a beautiful town with listed buildings by the bucket load and a history to be proud of. 
Start telling Wiltshire Council that we are fed up with their ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude.
Ms Stroud
The Mews