ON December 13 11 Conservative MPs risked vicious attacks by the media and their own Party, and even death threats, to uphold the right of Parliament to vote on the final Brexit agreement.
On December 15 my Conservative MP, Michelle Donelan, devoted half her Wiltshire Times column to a eulogy of the Prime Minister, who had just fought furiously to prevent Parliament from fulfilling its constitutional role of scrutinising legislation on behalf of voters.
Michelle Donelan is my elected representative, and being a representative should mean using one’s intelligence and integrity for the benefit of those represented, not following like a sheep behind those with power.
I voted Remain and the extreme Brexit that the Prime Minister and her far-right Cabinet colleagues are aiming for is not in my interests, but neither is it in the interests of people who voted for Brexit because they thought it would be a sensible process that would bring them advantages. We will all be losers.
Vivienne Kynaston
Elms Cross Drive
Bradford on Avon