UNDERSTANDING their customer’s needs is the key to success for Westbury business Theraposture, who produce specialist, tailor made beds, chairs and cots for people with disabilities.

Since managing director David Holtum bought the company in 1998, the business has expanded into one of the UK’s leading experts in specialised beds and furniture, employing around 35 people and serving customers all around the country.

Theraposture were even featured in BBC One’s DIY SOS last month, when they donated a electrically operated double combination bed to a disabled client on the show.

Their latest design, the Rotoflex is the first and only rotating bed to include adjustable height heel support.

Mr Holtum said: “We are are always planning and developing new designs to suit different needs, it is an ongoing process.

“The way we sell our products is considered very ethical. This is in industry where we work with vulnerable people, and this must not be taken advantage of. All our staff are DBS checked and take the time to build a rapport with our customers.”

Theraposture’s aim is to keep elderly and disabled people living at home as opposed to living in residential care.

Mr Holtum added: “Our staff enjoy working here as it is a very rewarding job, and we get to see how our products can really make a difference in someone’s life, and allow them to stay at home as opposed to going into residential care.

“Although some of our products are a substantial investment, they pay for themselves as it saves the cost of residential care, which can be up to around £750 a week.”

For more information and to view the range of specialised furniture, please visit www.theraposture.co.uk