A FAMILY friend of an alleged computer hacker and former John of Gaunt pupil says she is pleased that High Court judges blocked his extradition to America.

Ruth Greening welcomed the decision to not send Lauri Love to America, where authorities had been fighting for the 32-year-old to face trial on charges of cyber-hacking.

Mrs Greening, who has been friends with his family since the Millennium, had previously put up flyers around Trowbridge to raise awareness of this too.

“He should not be extradited. I think this is the right decision,” she said.

“I am very happy for his family, who now live down in Suffolk, as he can now be tried here.

“If it was my son and he had done that, I wouldn’t want him going to America for it.”

Mr Love, who suffers from a depressive illness and severe eczema, reportedly stole data from the FBI, NASA and the Federal Reserve.