TROWBRIDGE residents are being reminded that they can actually park for free at several Wiltshire Council car parks on weekends.

With parking charges going up across the county, Cllr Edward Kirk is reminding people that they can park in the authority’s car parks, free of charge, at the Greyhound, at County Hall and at the East Wing in Mortimer Street on Saturday and Sunday.

“People have complained to me about the increase in car parking charges, so I thought it was important to highlight that these places can be used, free of charge, on the weekend,” he said.

“Wiltshire Council does not advertise this on their website. The combined capacity of these car parks is nearly 600 spaces.

“This has a knock-on effect for retailers, who want to attract people to use the shops in the town so hopefully people will now know about this.”

Trowbridge Chamber executive committee member, Matthew Brown, added: “This has never been publicised and the majority of people are not aware of it. Our members are concerned the charges may lead to shoppers coming into town less.

“Free parking is the biggest draw to any town centre - every business knows this.”