NOT all heroes wear capes, but on Thursday night one of them helped tow 50 cars and several buses out of the snow and to safety near Monkton Farleigh.

Harry Veal, 23, his dad, Martin, and another Good Samaritan spent nearly five hours, up until 11pm, towing dozens of stuck cars up the hill of Sally in the Woods in heavy snow.

“My heart was in my mouth at times. I knew I had to help out these people or else they may have been stuck there all night,” he said.

“We must have towed 50 cars and a few buses up that hill in the snow, from 6.30pm up until nearly 11pm.

“I was confident of pulling cars up that stretch of hill but I was very happy and surprised that my Land Rover Defender was able to pull a six or seven-tonne bus up it too.

“People were so grateful and appreciative of our efforts.”

Rewind to 5pm and Harry had been told to finish his shift doing deliveries for Tesco around Trowbridge due to the worsening conditions.

After dropping off his delivery van at Tesco Extra, County Way, on his drive home he saw the gridlocked cars along the A363.

Harry then raced back to his home in Batheaston, had a quick dinner and then brought with him his dad, a heavy duty tow rope, some spare clothes in case anybody needed them, and a flask.

One by one, in a car that was five years older than him, Harry slowly but surely towed cars 800m or so up the hill and to safety.

“Spotted in Trowbridge shared the video that went up of us towing the cars and buses but it wasn’t just us, there was another man who I wish we could thank,” he said.

“My car has four wheel drive and does very well in these conditions. The queue went up to the Crown in Bathford and by Farleigh too.

“I had never done something like this before but it was good to help people on their way for the night. I had the means to help people, so I went and did it.

“I actually had to do help someone again in Bradford on Avon the next day too. I have done quite a lot of this over the last day.”