AN exploration into whether or not Trowbridge needs a neighbourhood is now going ahead.

At Tuesday’s Policy and Resources Committee, councillors agreed to look into pursuing this as it could give the town more say on what housing developments get built in the county town in years to come.

Councillors also noted that when houses are built in towns, councils are given funds through a community infrastructure levy, which can be used to improve infrastructure locally.

Cllr Edward Kirk said: “The neighbourhood plan is entitled to 25 per cent of CIL revenues from new development taking place in the area. This goes to town and parish councils.

“I have been against it before because the costs were too high in relation to the potential return. However, now the costs are more reasonable it now worth further investigation.”

This recommendation was put forward by town clerk Lance Allan

Cllr Geoff Whiffen said: “It is tentative at the moment. But if we can get this CIL money and we can use that on play areas. We spent £4,000 fixing the Grove Play Area roundabout so this could be a good move for the town.”