MONTHS after a Trowbridge man was rescued from his fire-ravaged home, police believe arsonists are behind a second attack on his property.

James Vincent, of Victoria Road, was just getting back on his feet from the fire that caused nearly £200,000 in damage to his house in November, when treasured items in his garage were destroyed on Monday.

A police spokesman said: “We are treating it as arson.”

He and his wife Brenda were asleep in their temporary rented home in Bradford on Avon when the two fire crews were called to his house in Trowbridge at 6.15am.

The total amount of damage caused by both fires is now around £250,000 and includes his grandparents’ cherished bookcase and oak sideboard table and chairs that were stored in the garage. But Mr Vincent says it could have been so much worse.

“Treasured items that I hold so dear are now a pile of ash. I was ready to move on and get our home put back together, but then this happens,” said the managing director of the Avonfield Garden Centre in Hilperton.

“The once-white walls are now blackened and soot stained. This beautiful and immaculate house is just a shell now.

“But it could have been so much worse. This house can be repaired. I cannot stop living my life. This is a real hammer blow but you have to draw a positive from a negative. or else you just go into your shell really.

“Losing those treasured items from my grandparents was the hardest thing in all of this but the support I have received from the police, the fire brigade and friends and family, has been incredible.”

Several hours after Mr Vincent got there to see the damage at 7.40am, forensics teams cordoned off the house as police said it was part of a crime scene.

An investigation into the fire, which was put out by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, has now begun. A police spokesman said: “We believe this fire was deliberately started and enquiries are continuing to determine who is responsible.”

Mr Vincent is frustrated that the second fire has damaged wiring and plumbing in a room above the garage. “It will have to be completely be re-done,” he said.

“Helping people keeps me in the right frame of mind.

“Sure it is hard to get over two incidents like these, but you have to keep on living.

“I am worn out physically and a bit worse mentally but I can get through this and when people show me such warmth and support, that means the world to me.” Anyone with information should ring 101.