ON the tenth anniversary of his baby sister's death, a Trowbridge teenager is doing a charity skydive in her memory.

Josh Drury, Laburnum Grove, Trowbridge, was just seven when his sister Ella died, before she was a week old, in hospital from multiple organ failure and brain damage.

The now 17-year-old was able to meet her in 2008 because the charity Cots for Tots, which provides life-saving equipment for sick and premature babies, provided an incubator to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol, where she was for four days, and that allowed Josh to say goodbye.

"Ella would be celebrating her 10th birthday on March 29 so I have decided to do a skydive and raise money for the charity," said Josh, who is doing the skydive on April 1 in Swindon.

"They supported the hospital with the equipment that kept Ella alive for four short days on life support, allowing me to meet her and say good bye.

"I was only seven when this happened and we all miss her everyday. I'm just gonna take a moment to thank everyone who helped our family through that tough period and a big thanks to the doctors and nurses who kept Ella alive for that short amount of time allowing me to meet her.

"Please help me raise as much money as possible to allow Mums, dads, brothers and sisters to meet and say goodbye in our case to there siblings."