CALLS are mounting for the Trowbridge driving test centre to be open for longer and have more examiners there to deal with the ever-growing waiting list.

Waiting times for learner drivers who are looking to take their practical tests at Longfield Community Centre are, according to Shamrock driving instructor Gary Fossey, three to four months, at best.

Mr Fossey, Cllr Graham Payne and MP Dr Andrew Murrison are all calling on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to increase its current opening days, Monday and Tuesday, to three days and increase the number of test instructors from two to three or more.

“The situation is really bad. In the past the DVSA talked about giving us a new test centre but they backtracked on that. Nothing seems to be happening,” he said.

“I am keen to meet with the town council and Dr Murrison because something needs to be done. The same problem is happening at Leighton Recreation Centre in Westbury. That is open on Thursday and Friday and has two examiners. It is not good enough.”

Cllr Payne said that some locals have had to wait up to six months for a driving test in Trowbridge.

“It is natural that someone would want to be tested in a place they know well,” he said.

“People have told me about the waiting times, which are absurd. We need an extra day. I have been told that it is not cost-effective to do so but I still think they can make it cost-effective for three days a week.

Dr Murrison said: “I contacted the Department of Transport on this issue to see how we compare with other test centres and if we can better resource the facility to tackle the length of wait times.

“I am happy to meet with local parties to address this ongoing issue.”

A DVSA spokesman said: “After looking into the provision of driving tests in rural Wiltshire, DVSA is considering ways to improve access for these areas, but has yet to identify a solution which could bring a standardised driving test to all candidates.

“Currently, driving tests in Trowbridge and Westbury are provided to help boost the service in west Wiltshire.

“Trowbridge and Westbury each host two driving examiners twice a week, who travel from a main driving test centre to increase access to tests in this area.”