COUNSELLING charity Relate Mid Wiltshire held an autism awareness day at its Trowbridge office.

On Tuesday, staff all wore blue for the day and they filled the office with information about autism, as well as selling home-made blue cakes.

The small collection ended up raising more than £50 in aid of the National Autistic Society.

Pamela Woods, centre manager at Relate, said: “At Relate we believe that healthy relationships are the essence of happy productive lives for everyone.

“Our counselling work often includes supporting adults, young people or families who have experience of autism at some level.

“We support this initiative because it is important to stand up for people who see the world differently and try to understand how we can support and learn from each other.”

She added: “In the end it helps our whole community when we take time to do this.”

Autism awareness week runs from March 26-April 2.