A FAIR which promotes local businesses in the health and well being sector was well attended when it came to Warminster last weekend.

Held in the Civic Hall, the Be Well and Beautiful event saw around 60 people come through it’s doors to learn about local businesses offering alternative therapies with focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health including massage, reflexology, reiki and tarot cards.

Each business had their own stall and offered mini treatments or sold their own products including jewellery and essential oils.

Event organiser, Helen Pinkett said: “I have a passion for alternative therapies, and they have helped my when I have been anxious and stressed before.

“I think it is so important that we look after ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“In this day and age we seem to be overwhelmed with information and technology and there is a lot that can make people stressed, whether it be work, an illness or anything else.

“Its good to take some time out to look after yourself and feel good again.

“Alternative therapy can also help with physical problems through massage and reflexology and reiki.

“It gives local business the opportunity to promote themselves and show off what they do, as they all work from home or don’t have a shop front.

“The Be Well and Beautiful fair has been growing in popularity since the first event two years ago, it’s gone from something I did as a hobby to something much bigger.”

More events are planned throughout the year, and the Be Well and Beautiful fair will return to Warminster in November.