INNOVATIVE ways of revitalising the centre of Trowbridge is underway after local businesses held a series of productive meetings.

Members from the Trowbridge Chamber met twice in as many weeks to talk about ways of breathing new life into the county town in terms of its trade.

New Chamber member Daniel Barber, of Spectrum Marketing Solutions, spoke of starting a campaign and funding from outside sources to get businesses in that target every demographic.

“If we want to live up to that name of an up-and-coming town, then we need to come up with ways of attracting all sorts of customers to our shops,” he said.

“A lot needs to happen to make Trowbridge the place to be, we are in need of investments, developments and a lick of paint.

“I do feel that there is a good unity amongst businesses to work to find a solution.”

These sentiments were echoed by the owner of Leykers, Tracy Parker, and Scholars owner Edward Kirk.

“The last Chamber meeting was very encouraging and we had lots of new ideas. It always helps to have a diverse group of businesses and the new younger element who are savvy with technology are a great asset,” said Mr Kirk.

“The executive committee now has another three members. It’s all good news.”

Ms Parker added: “It is encouraging to see this level of unity. Indepedent shops are the ones that save the high street and not the big boys. They don’t stick around when times are tough like we do.”

Nicola Kirk, of Sports Bug, added: “We need to focus on the fact we offer that personal touch that shopping online can not achieve.”