A FATHER-OF-TWO dying from terminal heart failure is hosting an event to raise money to help children whose parents die from similar illnesses.

Nick Jones, from Westbury was diagnosed with malignant hypertension, a condition which attacks the heart and internal organs, after suffering a stroke in 2012.

Now after years of fighting his condition, the 50-year-old is being looked after by Dorothy House Hospice’s end-of-life planning team and has been given months to live.

Having lost both his parents to heart conditions, Mr Jones is focusing his Night to Remember event on his own two children, Cameron, 15 and Lara, 13.

Celebrity guest Peter Andre is attending, where there will be a fun fair, magician, champagne, food and disco.

The event on Saturday at Reflections in Westbury will raise money for the Dorothy House team who care for bereaved children, and who will be there to help Cameron and Lara, and his wife Melanie, after his death.

Mr Jones said: “As an adult, I can accept the fact that I am dying as it is part of life. What I’m focusing on is what is left behind, my children.

“Losing my mum to the same condition at such a young age

ruined my life. She died quite horrifically and painfully right in front of me when I was seven years old, so I know what my kids will be going through when I do go. I cried every day and you never get over that.

“My dad also died from a heart condition when I was 21.

“It is the most horrific pain and I believe it is the worst thing that can happen to a child.

“That is why I want Saturday night to be all about raising money for children who are going through the same thing as my kids. It will be incredibly tough. Mr Andre will lead my daughter to me for a dance, as I won’t get a chance to dance with her at her wedding.

“I have had to start preparing my children now for when I do go, and I just want to raise as much as I can.”

Rob Whitefield, who is helping organise the event, said: “Nick wants to leave behind something that will have his name on it and will help people in the future.”

After losing his parents, Mr Jones channelled his grief into body building, and competed in up to nine competitions each year for 20 years. He has also worked as a doorman for 25 years.

He said: “I am not one to give up or do things in halves. I may be

dying but I can still make a difference.”

The Night to Remember starts at 8pm and tickets, at £25, are still available from Kirsty at Kirstygyllenspetz@gmail.com