A WARMINSTER theatre fan who is producing a play which tells the story of a group of women who take part in a charity walk in London has been inspired to take part in the event herself, and has rounded up her best walkers to join her.

Adela Forestier-Walker, 73, is producing a performance of Cheshire Cats at the Athenaeum in Warminster this month and was personally inspired by the story of the group of friends who take part in the London Moonwalk in May to raise money for Walk the Walk, a group of breast cancer charities.

Adela is now in training for the Moonwalk herself along with friends Jo Bridel and Caroline Pugh, and the group have called themselves the Warminster Wenches.

She said: “The play was originally written by Gail Young and is actually very funny, but also has a sad element to it also.

“It is an amazing story and just made me think that this will be the only chance I have to do it, and myself Jo and Caroline have a combined age of over 200.

“We think this is such a worthy cause, and we are trying to raise awareness that breast cancer occurs in men as well as women.

“We are also walking in honour of those people who have survived breast cancer and are carrying on their lives.”

The Warminster Wenches have been in training for the 15-mile Moonwalk.

Adela said: “We have been doing long walks every five days, the longest so far is eight miles but we will be doing 11 next week to try and work up to the 15.

“We have also been doing short three-mile walks every day to keep our fitness up.

“We are really looking forward to the walk and also to the play, which will be on next week.

“The production is like Calendar Girls but with bum bags and trainers.”

To buy tickets for the production of Cheshire Cats at the Athenaeum from April 18 to April 21, please visit the website www.theath.org.uk or call 01985 213891.