PUPILS at Horningsham Primary School are proudly showing off their work from last term in their Take One Journey exhibition, which is on display this week.

The project, which covers all subjects and has been worked on by all classes, is based on famous journeys, including the Anglo Saxons and Vikings coming to the UK, the Titanic’s voyage and Tim Peake’s journey into space.

Headteacher Carole Andrews said: “The children are really proud of their work and they have put so much effort into this project.

“At Horningsham Primary we do a lot of creative projects which really get the children engaged with the curriculum and they love working on projects as a whole school.”

Year 6 pupil Emily said: “It’s really nice seeing all our work come together to make the exhibition. Our teachers do a great job putting it all together.

“It’s really nice that we get to work with the whole school on these projects.”

Parents and visitors have been going to the school to see the displays of work all week.