DRIVERS out on the roads on Sunday may have noticed an increase in the number of vintage and veteran vehicles along the way, all celebrating the annual Drive-It Day when car clubs around the country bring vehicles out of their garages for the first time.

Wiltshire was treated to the delights of 15 pre-war Morris' as they made their way through the countryside, watched and enjoyed by many spectators who photographed and cheered them along their way, taking in the villages of Lacock, Corsham and Castle Combe.

For the first run of the year, organised by Box residents Steve and Cath Knight, many hours of restoration and refurbishment had gone into bringing the old cars up to roadworthy standard, their owners lovingly tending them and ensuring that a part of history is not lost.

“To see hundreds of years of history brought together on a day like this is a joy,” said Steve. “The dedication and enthusiasm of the owners knows no bounds and gives such a lot of enjoyment not only to the club members but to all those who see this amazing spectacle.”

The Morris Register organises runs throughout the area, and anyone interested in joining a future run should contact secretary

The Morris Register caters for all Morris vehicles (cars, van derivatives, and commercials) designed before 1940. This covers vehicles that were in production from 1913 (Oxford) to 1953 (Series Z vans). The register was started in January 1960 and currently has 2070 memberships.

The objects of the Register have remained largely unchanged since its formation and are:

• to promote interest and enthusiasm in all Morris vehicles of a type designed before 1940

• to put members in touch with each other

• to pool experience of maintenance, modification, rebuilding and tuning

• to keep spares in circulation at reasonable cost

• to assist members in selling, buying and exchanging cars and spares

• to hold occasional rallies and meetings

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Drive-It Day 2.jpg – Photo stop near Silbury Hill

Bonnet Up.jpg – Club member Jeremy Matthews making last minute checks to his 1938 Morris 10-4