SHERLOCK Holmes is a character that captures the imagination of so many people for different reasons.

The character’s incredible attention to detail in detective work, playful way with words and dark interest in narcotics are just a few that come alive in this production.

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain is making its debut on stage in its world premiere in the Theatre Royal Bath as Robert Powell steps into the iconic role.

The thriller, written by Simon Reade and directed by David Grindley has gripping moments that echoed the feeling I got when watching Woman in Black live for the first time.

There is magic in the air as the audience is transported to 20th century London, more specifically the living room of 221b Baker Street.

As the threat of Moriarty returns to Sherlock’s consciousness, 30 years after his nemesis's death, the show takes a look at Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous set of characters in their later years.

Sherlock has taken up bee keeping on the South Coast while obsessed with the idea that he has ‘dozens, hundreds’ of enemies hunting him.

But when Mary Watson tracks him down to tell him she has seen her long-dead son, apparently alive and well in 221B Baker Street, Holmes is determined to solve the mystery and confront his own demons at the same time.

Dr Watson has even begun practising psychoanalysis and despite the three decade lapse, the pair begin to investigate while familiar faces Mycroft Holmes and Miss Hudson, daughter of Mrs Hudson, interrupt their work.

Expect witty dialogue, disguise and comic moments from the cast who really get their teeth into the second act, when the charm, intrigue and thrilling finale to the fast paced play is revealed.

The show runs in the theatre Royal Bath until May 5.