CONCERNS have been raised that closing a road on the edge of Trowbridge to daytime traffic for 16 days could lead to long jams, as drivers heading from Westbury will all have to use one road to get to the county town.

Part of West Ashton Road, from its junction with the A361 County Way to its junction just over a kilometre away with Leapgate, the road which leads into the Paxcroft Mead estate, will be shut from May 21 for resurfacing works and new road markings.

Although the roadworks will only take place on weekdays between 9.30am-3.30pm, Trowbridge councillors are concerned about the ‘inordinate’ amount of time this will take.

Cllr Glyn Bridges said: “This is an extremely busy road and it is going to cause a fair few problems for drivers because it really is an inordinate length of time.

“I guess it could be a short term loss but a long term gain. Sometimes work comes and goes on roads but others have got to be done.

“Parts of that road, especially coming out of Trowbridge on the left hand side, really are in a bad state so I am pleased that that can be improved.

“The diversion is a long way round too which is not ideal either. It is good that the hours of work is not too long and it won’t take place on weekends too.”

The official diversion route is to use the A350 past West Ashton crossroads to get to the A361 and so down Devizes Road - but some locals fear drivers will instead opt to come into town by heading through North Bradley from the Yarnbrook roundabout.

Wiltshire Council said that access will be maintained for residents and businesses where possible. People wanting information on local access can contact 01225 730375.